Nowy Świat 64 property

Excellent location

Property The NOWY SWIAT 64 property in Warsaw, Poland, is considered to be the most elegant and prestigious part of Nowy Swiat Street. After a complex revitalization, due to its unique image, the house is more than just a location to its lessees. As part of the refurbishment, the trading area was upgraded and is now perfect for commercial, service, catering and... Location The NOWY SWIAT 64 property is located in the very center of Warsaw. The venue is well-connected with most important parts of Warsaw due to a convenient public transportation system. Several bus and tram lines account for a perfect connection with the rest of the city. Contact NOWY ŚWIAT 64 Sp. z o.o. Nowy Świat street 64 00-357 Warsaw phone (0048) 22 828 70 56 fax (0048) 22 828 70 56 mobile 608 514 400
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