The NOWY SWIAT 64 property

The NOWY SWIAT 64 property in Warsaw, Poland, is considered to be the most elegant and prestigious part of Nowy Swiat Street. After a complex revitalization, due to its unique image, the house is more than just a location to its lessees. As part of the refurbishment, the trading area was upgraded and is now perfect for commercial, service, catering and office purposes.



The very length of the property (62 m) makes it the longest along Nowy Swiat Street. The ground floor of this venue is suitable for commercial, service and catering functions. Upper floors are appropriate for luxurious office space. Everything here was designed to high standard and with a possibility of rearrangement – either to downsize or upsize. Further, this palace-like mansion-house is equipped with state-of-the-art ventilation and air-conditioning, and security systems, as well as the structure cabling and the fiber optic network. For the convenience of the lessees and their guests we provide a 24h parking within the yard of the NOWY SWIAT 64 property.

We are proud to stand out from others as regards our experience in business and professional approach tailored to individual needs of each lessee. It is our concern to preserve the character of this exceptional place i.e. we aim at combining of tradition with what is modern. A high standard of finishing, a perfect location and a simple classicistic form are only some of features that account for a special character of the place.


The history of the building goes back to the 17th century. In the years 1767 – 1768, a multi-storey palace of Head of the Gniezno Province, August Sulkowski, was built inside the yard of the real estate. Next to apartments and reception halls, in this baroque-classical palace there was also a theatre. During the Saxon times, numerous theatre and opera performances were staged here. In the neighbourhood of the venue various town celebrations were held. In the period from 1820 to 1830 a classical palace-like mansion-house (the Zrazovski’s mansion-house) was built on the former yard of the Sulkovsky’s palace. In the middle of the 19th century, the part at the back of the building was the most expensive trading area of Warsaw with luxurious commodities from all around the world.

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